The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • training of highly qualified specialists with higher education. The training is focused on the modern methods and technologies in healthcare, based on the integration of educational, research and innovative activities;
  • strengthening the position of the University as the country’s leading scientific and educational centre through the training elite specialists and teams of world-class professionals of the national healthcare system;
  • the development of fundamental and applied research related to medicine.


  • Creation of a centralized modern, high-tech material and technical basis of educational and research processes at the Institute, in accordance with Kazakhstani and international standards and modern areas of scientific research of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on the latest achievements of medical science and technology;
  • Creating the necessary conditions for the development of the scientific potential of the University, as well as research activities using the material and technical basis and human resources of the Institute;
  • The creation on the basis of the Institute and the organization of the work of temporary research teams to conduct scientific and methodological research on pressing problems of fundamental and applied medicine;
  • Creating the necessary conditions for practice-oriented training of students by actively involving students and teachers in real research and production processes;
  • The development among students of the competencies of practical and scientific activities necessary for a specialist of a new generation, demanded by the modern economy, capable of effectively applying the obtained theoretical and applied knowledge in practice;
  • Development of the international scientific and educational cooperation of the University with leading scientific centres and educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as countries of near and far abroad;
  • Development of innovative activities in health care: development, scientific justification and implementation of innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies in an experiment, the introduction of progressive forms of work, new methods and studies with high analytical accuracy and diagnostic reliability;
  • Increasing the scientific and pedagogical potential of scientific, pedagogical workers and specialists through their active involvement in the implementation of scientific and technical programs at various levels;
  • Attracting additional financial resources through the participation in national and international competitions for a scientific grant;
  • Organization of consulting and proving laboratory, diagnostic and clinical-technical facilities and scientific and pedagogical potential of the University at the Institute;
  • Assisting in cooperation with scientific departments of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries in order to exchange experiences and conduct joint research.

support for educational programs;
the development work plans, schedules and timetables for training and practical classes conducted at the Institute;
the development of educational and methodological approaches according to the profile of the Institute in accordance with the requirements of state compulsory education standards;
organization of an educational and practical process at the Institute in the following main areas:

  • clinical and laboratory diagnostics;
  • clinical and experimental studies;
  • experimental pharmacology;
  • carrying out thematic events on the profile of the Institute, contributing to the expansion of the horizons of students, the development of interest in learning and a chosen specialty;
  • ensuring the security of the educational process conducted at the Institute.

Scientific and methodological support for the implementation of basic educational programs:

  • consolidation of scientific and educational potential through the creation and organization of activities of temporary research teams;
  • ensuring the interaction of fundamental and applied science with the educational process at all its stages;
  • attracting students of the University to research, the provision of scientific and methodological support when students and employees carry out research work.

Material and technical support of educational and scientific processes:

  • development and strengthening of the Institute’s material and technical base for fundamental and applied scientific research through cooperation with foreign partners and through the acquisition of new equipment;
  • creation of a centralized scientific clinical diagnostic laboratory for clinics of the University;
  • equipping the laboratories of the Institute with modern laboratory equipment, instrumentation, computer hardware and software, their active use for educational and research purposes.

Research and expert activities:

  • Conducting scientific research of a fundamental and applied nature in various areas of medical science;
  • development of regulatory documents governing research activities at the University;
  • development and submission to management for consideration of comprehensive scientific programs;
  • the involvement of scientists, research teams, laboratories from abroad for joint research;
  • consultation of structural units on the implementation of research work;
  • participation in national, foreign and international research projects organized on the basis of state programs, programs of international health organizations and initiative projects;
  • organization or participation in international, republican, regional, industrial scientific congresses, congresses, conferences, symposia, schools, seminars;
  • the provision of expert and consulting services in the field of laboratory medicine, clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Clinical and diagnostic activity:

  • the provision of paid consulting, laboratory, diagnostic and clinical-experimental services to the population.

Cooperation and international activities:

  • establishing contacts with scientific centres of other countries on the exchange of experience between scientists, teachers, undergraduates and students;
  • establishment of business contacts with state bodies of healthcare and education, Kazakhstani, foreign and international organizations of healthcare and education on the profile of the Institute, organization of mutually beneficial forms of cooperation;
  • organization of invitations to leading scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists of other countries, including through the Visiting Professor scheme; participation and assistance in organizing the conferences, symposiums, and seminars on topical issues of fundamental medicine with the participation of students, graduate students, and scientific workers