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Vivarium (experimental-biological clinic) is a scientific and auxiliary structural unit of the university, part of the Scientific and Research Institute of Fundamental Medicine named after B.A. Atchabarov (according to the structure), by the decision of the Academic Council No. 35 of 09/30/12

Main goals:

1) Assistance in achieving the strategic plan of the university in the field of quality training of specialists;

2) Provide students with biomaterials for training in the acquisition of basic practical skills in experimental work;

3) To provide training materials for medical doctors – intern surgeons, obstetricians, dentists in acquiring surgical technique in animals.

4) Organization of training and counseling for young scientists and students on the conduct of experimental research in medicine;

5) Attracting students to research;

6) Conducting training seminars on experimental research, on the observance of a humane attitude to animals in accordance with the requirements for experimental work.

In carrying out their activities, Vivarium employees are guided by:

  • Charter of the University;
  • Legislative and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, applicable standards, international norms, normative documents and teaching materials on issues related to the scope of Vivaria;
  • contractual obligations of the University to third parties on matters relating to the scope of the Vivarium;
  • established requirements for the results of work: plans, estimates and others;
  • Internal staff regulations;
  • The rules of the internal curriculum;
  • approved documents of the quality management system and other internal regulatory documents of the University (regulations, instructions, rules, standards and others);
  • decisions of the Academic Council of the University;
  • orders and instructions of the rector of the University;
  • by orders and instructions of a senior leader and vice-rectors in the relevant areas of the University;
  • regulations of bodies of state supervision and control;


         Vivarium is intended for keeping animals for the educational process and experimental work, and also serves as a nursery. Located in the basement and consists of three isolated areas:

  • clean zone – intended for keeping clean animals and breeding,
  • dirty zone – handling and isolation,
  • household area includes: a kitchen for preparing feed, a shower room, a feed storage warehouse and a rest room for staff.
  • Vivarium provides the maintenance, accommodation, nutrition and care of the following types of animals: a) outbred white rats; b) outbred white mice; c) guinea pigs; d) rabbits. There is a separate staff for each type of animal.

Vivarium equipment:

1) The ventilated touch slim plus module (tecniplast trademark) for keeping rats and mice provides round-the-clock ventilation of air in the cages of the module, thereby isolating the animals in the cage from the environment and minimizing the penetration of airborne pathogens and aeroallergens to the outside. Each cell complex is equipped with a hepa-filter – highly effective protection during module air exchange.

2) Observations of the air exchange temperature inside the cell are automatically controlled and displayed on the touch screen.

3) The cs-5 cell exchange station, designed to protect personnel, experiment, animals and the environment from contamination during cell exchange.

4) Station for collection of used animal bedding ds 36 to create a protective air barrier against allergens, dust and volatile substances.

5) Rabbit cages

6) Cages for guinea pigs.

Vivarium equipment complies with modern international requirements for keeping animals for biomedical research and the state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan (basic provision). The mode of operation of the modules is provided by a microcomputer system, which allows you to monitor air temperature, humidity and air exchange in the cells around the clock and register data in a computer. Isolation from the environment from the environment provides maximum protection for personnel.

Vivarium Management

Head of Vivarium – manages all the activities of the Vivrium, ensures the organization of its work, the fulfillment of tasks and functions defined by the Regulation;

Structure and composition

Vivarium employees represent: The research specialist conducts scientific work, a technical worker for the care of equipment and workers for the care and maintenance of animals.